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Non-Surgical Procedures Prices

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In-Office Brow Lift

The In-Office Brow Lift is a great one-time non-surgical alternative. 

In-office Brow Lift enables Dr. Kornstein to tighten the forehead muscles and weaken Botox-induced muscles under local anesthesia, thereby elevating and reshaping the brow and optimizing symmetry and expression more permanently for a more natural-looking brow lift.

In-Office Lip Rejuvenation

The mouth can reveal aging in many ways: Upper lip length (from nose to red lip) elongates, covering the upper teeth; loss of lip volume; vertical lip wrinkles (smoker’s lines); and position of the mouth corners.

In-office Lip Rejuvenation enables Dr. Kornstein to tighten and rejuvenate the muscles of the mouth area non-surgically. Radio-frequency energy shortens upper lip length, augments upper and lower (red) lip muscle volume, reduces upper and lower lip lines, and elevates the corners of the mouth for a natural-looking lip rejuvenation.

In-Office Neck Lift

Neck laxity / loose skin is one of the most common signs of early aging. Loss of ideal neck contour may include the skin, fat, and muscle.

Dr. Kornstein can address all three components with his In-Office Neck Lift under local anesthesia at our Greenwich, CT, or White Plains, NY location. Whether you have had a previous facelift or not, your neck skin will feel and look younger, and your neck contour will visibly improve for a natural-looking neck lift.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Dr. Kornstein considers all aspects of the face — the upper third or forehead area, the middle third being cheeks, and the lower third, the neck — as being one anatomic unit.

The Non-Surgical Face Lift treats all areas of the face and rejuvenates them simultaneously, creating a harmonious de-aging for a natural-looking complexion.

Non-Surgical Body Tightening
$7000 - 9000

In 2015, Syneron Candela approached Dr. Kornstein to help develop body skin tightening with their new technology. At the time, he had just begun his trials using an FDA-approved helium technology for facial resurfacing and neck skin shrinkage. Dr. Kornstein started working with the Bovie Company (now Apyx Medical) to understand and develop this paradigm-shifting technology to shrink body skin without incisions. 

Using his vast experience in skin tightening, Dr. Kornstein developed his Non-Surgical Body Tightening, an In-Office procedure to tighten the stomach and back areas, giving you tighter, natural-looking results without surgery.  

Non-Surgical No-Sweat Underarms Procedure

The No-Sweat Procedure is quick, non-invasive, and provides a lasting solution for excessive underarm sweat. Dr. Kornstein uses precisely controlled energy to the region where the sweat glands reside and eliminates sweat glands non-invasively and effectively. After the first session, there is up to a 50% reduction of sweat, giving the patient much-needed relief in those hot summer days.