Skin laxity is the result of a number of factors including genetics, pregnancy or weight loss, or post-menopausal hormonally-induced changes to one’s muscle mass and skin quality. Once present, there is very simply nothing one can do with skin excess, there are no diets or exercise regimes that can shrink your skin. Historically there were two options: live with it or excise it.

However, with the advent of J Plasma®/Renuvion® helium plasma technology, performed in much the same way as liposuction, skin tightening is possible in a large number of patients and in many areas of the body. J Plasma®/Renuvion® tightens the connections between the skin and muscle drawing the skin toward the underlying muscle.

Like all other surgeries, it is not what you do but who does it that matters.

Dr. Kornstein has 25 years’ experience in body anatomy, aging, and surgery and was the pioneer in J Plasma®/Renuvion® body skin tightening in 2015. Dr. Kornstein continues to work intimately with the company to elucidate the science behind the technology and optimize its clinical efficacy.

“Designed to tighten deep ligament support of the skin, providing long-lasting skin shrinkage.”


When the buttock skin drops, lower body lifting techniques and implants are typically the only alternatives. Buttock lifting and elevation are now possible with rejuvenating noninvasive technologies. Cellulite and depressions can also be treated without the necessity for more extensive, scarring, and longer recovery procedures. Buttock elevation can now be accomplished with little or no downtime or pain.

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J-Plasma Skin-Tightening

  • All other available modalities, including Laser liposuction, Body Tite, etc. rely on heat, therefore must closely and rigorously monitor temperatures to avoid skin irregularities and burns. Clinically, they also do not allow for free form sculpting as J-Plasma® does.
  • Clinically, J-Plasma® tightens deep ligament support of the skin bringing the skin toward the underlying muscle and thus providing for anti-gravity protection. Pre-clinical research indicates that the plasma gas kills bacteria, cancer cells, and increases vascularity. The results should be long-standing.
  • J-plasma can be used in conjunction with liposuction for volume reduction and fat sculpting. And can be performed under local anesthesia with Pronox® (laughing gas) for one or two areas or multiple areas under anesthesia.

It’s always best to schedule a complimentary consultation to receive the most specific information for your goals.