fat grafting

Fat Grafting

When expertly performed, fat grafting is undetectable to the observer as it rejuvenates and slows the aging process. As one of the originators of fat grafting, beginning more than 25 years ago, Dr. Kornstein’s techniques increase the retention and functioning of the fat grafts as well as the restoration of one’s natural aesthetic.

“There is nothing currently available that comes close to the aesthetic and anti-aging benefits of fat grafting”

Fat grafting defined.

Living fat cells are the body’s most powerful stem cells; they are capable of rejuvenating age-related facial skeletal defects as well as the overlying skin. Grafting means the fat cells are transferred to their new location where they get a new blood supply and are subsequently energized, secreting growth factors. It is the fat cells derived vascular support and growth factors that rejuvenate the skeletal and skin organ systems allowing them to optimally function. A surgeon’s skill, experience, and aesthetic vision are of the utmost importance when fat grafting for total facial rejuvenation, from hairline to jawline. Fat grafting is a great enhancer to old hands, the stem cells rejuvenate the hands resulting in a natural look devoid of prominent veins and tendons.

Fat cell grafting is long-lasting (and perhaps permanent with a healthy lifestyle) In comparison, fillers are temporary and do not share the genuine rejuvenate characteristics of one’s own fat-derived stem cells.

Facial fat grafting and Profound RF® are a powerful combination therapy.

Profound RF® is either done before fat grafting to reduce skin redundancy relative to skeletal volume and shape, or alternatively many years after surgery when the patient returns saying, “my fat is gone.” In actuality, the facial skin sleeve or skin size is simply too big for the underlying fat grafted structure, not unlike a bodybuilder wearing an overly large garment such that their underlying definition cannot be appreciated. Dr. Kornstein’s facial muscle rejuvenation technique minimizes or eliminates the redundancy of the forehead, eye, and mouth muscles, thereby successfully addressing transverse forehead wrinkles, low brows, crow’s feet, baggy lower lids, long upper lips, “smoker’s lines”, downturned mouth corners and thin lips. This reduces or eliminates the need for neurotoxins, s.a. Botox® used as a Band-Aid for redundancy of these muscles as well as the loss of muscle volume of the lips commonly treated with filler.

An FDA approved anti-inflammatory radio-frequency device called “IVIVI” or Soft Pulse® dramatically enhances recovery.

Since January 2010 the use of an FDA-approved radio-frequency halo post-operatively used while at home has dramatically enhanced the rate of recovery. Proven to be safe in over ten years of clinical testing, it is in fact presently being studied to reduce head trauma in US soldiers. At this time 90% of our patients return to their normal activities within two weeks.


Before and After

Q & A with Dr. Kornstein about Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting (AFT) has caused considerable buzz lately and continues to grow, yet you have been involved with this procedure for over 25 years. What precipitated your interest that long ago?

At first, it was rudimentary and experimental, but today after years of discussion, observation, combined with an innate sense of aesthetics and artistry it has become my signature procedure. I am a proponent of reshaping (fat grafting) and shrinking (Profound RF®) versus removing tissue whenever appropriate. Autologous Fat Grafting (AFT) is Mother Nature’s natural filler. Using one’s own living fat-derived stem cells in combination with experienced and time-tested hands, an undetectable and natural look and soft feel to the face and other areas of the body is restored. These principles apply for rejuvenation of the hands and breast augmentation/revision (where fat is the predominant element giving shape and size to the breast gland.

What is your opinion on synthetic fillers and collagen?

I started my private practice in 1993. Botox, Restylane®, Juvederm®, or Radiesse® did not exist. Philosophically collagen did not strike me as the right thing to do because, in fact, it was the patient’s body rejecting the cow protein that created the clinical effect through swelling and allergic response. Clearly, this is not a natural restoration of human tissue, nor a long-term solution. For me, the only authentic way to fill the face or body was through fat grafting. It appealed to my aesthetic sense and philosophical belief that being Mother Nature’s partner was the right thing to do. I began doing it out of instinct and it has not only rewarded my patients but myself as well.

Who is a candidate? Who is not?

Virtually everyone is a candidate, but timing is important. The more aging to be repaired, the longer the recovery, and once the facelift layer of the face has descended it may need to be surgically “lifted.” Profound PR® may be required before surgery to shrink excess skin and redundant muscle or many years (a decade or more) after AFT for the very same reasons. It is always better to consider AFT earlier rather than later.

Dispel some common myths associated with Fat Transfer.

Facial aging is multifactorial – it is more than skin redundancy and fat displacement. Cutting and repositioning the skin and facelift layer one won’t always make the face look young; it may look a bit tight, shiny, flat, and thin or all facial areas do not look the same age. On the other hand, both the quality and global rejuvenation with Dr.Kornstein’s fat grafting technique is extraordinary. It’s the best way to turn the clock back and keep it moving in that direction because of Mother Nature’s growth factors. The other myth is that fat does not survive. If done properly, fat will always survive. The fat grafting operation is as close to perfect as any surgery can be, and more because of the inherent growth factors that remain active for years to come…assuming you have the right surgeon.