Dr. Kornstein’s Ultherapy Experience

He has been involved with Ultherapy since its early day of clinical use, and maintains a close relationship with members of the scientific research team.. He is on their Clinical Advisory Board, and has advised on the development of unique treatment protocols for the face and body, as well as its use when integrated with other aesthetic modalities. He was a pioneer in the use of the 1.5mm transducer, and has published articles on Ultherapy’s use to reduce the volume of silicone facial injections and reducing post operative nasal tip edema after rhinoplasty in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. He recently gave Grand Rounds to the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Massachusetts on Ultherapy as a standalone procedure as well as an adjunct with fillers and surgery.

Ulthera to reduce tighten skin, reduce wrinkling and improve skin elasticity.

Meet Ulthera—a visionary aesthetic ultrasound—the newest treatment for facial skin tightening. Until now, no single product or procedure could promise to rejuvenate youth non-surgically but Ulthera gives patients the utmost impact in skin tightening and improved skin texture. Through aesthetic ultrasound, sagging brows, lids, neck and jowls are reversed. Using ultrasound technology, the Ulthera System allows the physician to first visualize then tighten the skin along with deeper soft tissue. In clinical evaluations a lift in the brow line was apparent after just one treatment. Firmer, tighter skin in other areas of the face and neck has been reported. Similar results are anticipated for other parts of the body as well.

What makes Ulthera so exciting?

Ulthera(py) is deeper and more specific than lasers, lights, injections and its predecessors who promised skin tightening. The level of precision and safety is unparalleled without the concern of causing damage to the outer layer of skin.

Skin contraction and collagen remodeling compliment all aspects of facial rejuvenation. Ulthera can indefinitely delay a facelift while delivering beautiful results that are enjoyed at a fraction of the cost. If a facelift is recommended due to sagging or damaged skin, Ulthera can further refine the surgical rejuvenation. Ulthera(py) is safe for all skin types, no matter how dark. Since the technology uses sound waves, there is no risk of hyper or hypo-pigmentation.

Ulthera was recently FDA approved as a non surgical treatment for browlifts.

No downtime with immediate results appeals to many patients. Early clinical studies put Ulthera enhancement as lasting 2 years or more. Our practice is one of the first in the northeast to invest in the latest in non surgical facial rejuvenation. Visit us in our New York City or Fairfield, Connecticut offices. Call today for a consultation and take advantage of a technology that won’t disappoint.

One on one with Dr. Kornstein

“I view my primary role as being a patient advocate; therefore I must be a critical consumer when it comes to adopting new technologies. Ulthera is in a class by itself. It’s the first innovation that is more fact than hype in improving every patient’s appearance, with no downtime, minimal or no risk and longevity of results.

Two groups of people can benefit from Ulthera. The first is those who have lost the 3D contours of youth. I would typically recommend fat grafting. This would restore the contours lost due to skeletal atrophy, and support the skin so it functions well again and take advantage of the stem cell effect which rejuvenates the skin in almost a “Benjamin Button effect.” If you do Ulthera at that point, it will tighten skin and essentially return the skin to its former degree of tightness or youthful configuration. Ulthera serves to tighten the skin around newly created contour—giving a dramatically enhanced result when compared with fat grafting alone.

The second group of patients suffers from a combination of both the loss of 3D contours typical in a youthful face and anti gravity support. When far enough advanced, gravity creates an irresistible pull on the soft tissues that cannot be reversed without a facelift—the lack of anti gravity support has allowed the skin to sag out of position and the only suitable correction is to re elevate the skin to its former position. But even though you have replaced the skin to where it belongs, it does not change the quality of the skin. In this case, Ulthera will tighten along underlying contours that I provide surgically while improving the inherent quality of the skin—a perfect example of surgical and non surgical synergy.”


The only doctor I trust wholeheartedly. He will never allow anyone to walk away looking “done”.

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Dr. Andrew N. Kornstein

Dr. Andrew Kornstein MD FACS, has been a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon for over 25 years and is widely recognized as a top authority in his field.
He specializes in the latest techniques for skin tightening, breast and body techniques, as well as facial fat grafting. His reputation is based on his personalized and detailed approach to every patient treated.
Dr. Kornstein’s goal is for each patient to achieve his or her goal to feel young and youthful with a visionary approach. His attention to detail and superior training sets him apart from others, allowing him to achieve long-lasting natural results for years to come.
Dr. Kornstein is licensed in Connecticut, New York, Florida, and California and has offices in Greenwich and Wilton, CT.

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