Non-Surgical Brow Lift

It dramatically improves the waist contour when compared with conventional abdominoplasty. A standard “tummy tuck will generally deal with the front of the belly whereas the reverse technique deals with the waist and front—roughly 270 degrees around a patient’s torso.
Hernias are amenable to repair through this incision, just as they are through the conventional abdominoplasty.
Many patients are poor candidates for belly button scars. A lower scar by the pubic region will benefit those who are poor healers.
Patients who have skin excess predominantly located in the upper abdominal area are great candidates for this procedure.
The one and only potential downside of this operation is the scar that traverses the upper abdomen between the breasts. In my experience as well as those reported by my Brazilian counterparts, a scar revision done 4-6 months post op can remedy any remorse about the scar. Done under loThe height, shape and contour of your brows play a leading role in your overall expression. Too high and you look perpetually surprised. Too low and droopy and you can appear angry or tired. Even men and woman have a different aesthetic standard. There are several avenues a patient can pursue to correct their brow aesthetics. If the brows are drooping as the result of excess skin in the forehead region, a new skin tightening ultrasound procedure called Ulthera® may provide the correction you are seeking; truly a non-surgical option that works over 92% of the time.uality of the final scar healing.

Some patients are not happy being tied to injectables and desire a more permanent correction in which case a surgical browlift is performed. Should a surgical correction to the natural hairline location be desired—whether too high or too low be the object of the consultation; a browlift may necessarily be added as an adjunct procedure to complete the aesthetic intervention.

A lesser known antidote to more a more aesthetically pleasing brow is a non operative browlift done with carefully placed Restylane®, a popular hyaluronic acid. Although it is primarily recognized as the #1 wrinkle filler, when accompanied with Botox, it leads to a more youthful, pleasant contour of the browline. This is a great option for patients who want a subtle, cost effective change with little downtime or risk.

One on one with Dr. Andrew Kornstein:

One of the earliest signs of facial aging is the area around the eyes and a lowering and flattening of the eyebrow. This condition remains one of the most prevalent reasons for the popularity of Botox.
Eyebrow descent is primarily due to loss of forehead bone and fat—both of which support forehead and eyebrow position. In addition, the brow bone which gives structure to the area immediately beneath the eyebrow also loses volume with age. As bone and fat continue to succumb to the aging process, Botox can be used to elevate and reshape the eyebrow—also known as “the Botox browlift.”

At a certain point, there is a critical amount of bone loss and Botox alone will not optimally elevate and reshape the eyebrows. At this juncture Restylane® can be used non-operatively to restore height, contour and shape to the overall eyebrow. As bone loss progresses, the inside of the eyebrow typically takes an acute turn and falls beneath the brow bone. The eyebrows can be restored to their pre-existing youthfulness in a safe and brief procedure. Often no bruising or swelling is experienced. Any rare aesthetic issues such as small bumps can be easily dealt with using an injectable enzyme that dissolves Restylane®.


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