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What do prospective rhinoplasty patients want? If I were considering a nose job I would want a natural aesthetic that “fits” my face like I was born with it. I want to see a better version of myself in the mirror each morning—not an imposter. Unrestricted breathing and a nose that remains the same as I age would also be on my list

— Dr. Andrew Kornstein

Dr. Kornstein is a member of the Rhinoplasty Society. Membership criteria is strict, confining itself to surgeons who have a committed interest in nasal surgery and a comparatively large number of rhinoplasty patients, extensive experience in practice and contributions in the realms of teaching and/or publishing.

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as nose reshaping—is one of the most complex and challenging procedures in plastic surgery. There are several reasons you must be sure you are consulting with a specialist:

  • Nose reshaping requires an intricate knowledge of both anatomy and function of the nose. This demands consistently exceptional techniques that are not in the repertoire of all plastic surgeons.
  • Revisions to primary or even secondary rhinoplasty are higher than any other cosmetic procedure
  • A “One size fits all” approach is an issue that can be avoided by choosing a surgeon with a keen aesthetic sense and ability to harmonize your new nose with other facial features to enhance your total look.

Dr. Kornstein is a super specialist in terms of form, function and renown for delivering natural outcomes. In fact, he is often referred the most challenging cases by his peers and has the distinction of being the surgeon of choice when a revision is necessary.

What patients need to know about Rhinoplasty

  • Rhinoplasty is widely regarded as the most challenging operation in cosmetic surgery with the highest degree of difficulty
  • Results don’t improve after surgery
  • Rhinoplasty has the highest revision rate of any plastic surgery procedure
  • Injectable rhinoplasty provides an interesting option in certain circumstances
  • Adjunct procedures such as chin implants might be recommended as part of your rhinoplasty
  • Anticipating patient needs is critical with rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is widely regarded as the most challenging operation in cosmetic surgery with the highest degree of difficulty. Because of this, noses must be a passion with a surgeon, not a casual “sometimes” pursuit. It is complex in that it addresses both form and function, repairing unusual situations related to a deviated septum or other breathing problems while reshaping the nose to bring more harmony and balance to the face. Rhinoplasty is considered a specialty within plastic surgery where only an elite group of surgeons can claim consistent results. Irrespective of ethnic background or previous nasal operative history, my patients are extremely happy despite the general population’s revision rate.

Results don’t improve after surgery. If it doesn’t look perfect at the immediate conclusion of the operation, it won’t look better later on. My confidence is a function of both training and time. I take all the time necessary during surgery to deliver the best outcome because at the end of every nasal surgery the operation is complete. My techniques are based on 20 years of very diverse and comprehensive training. To this day I am an active member of The Rhinoplasty Society where the latest clinical approaches are shared and implemented by those passionate about this particular procedure.

Rhinoplasty has the highest revision rate of any plastic surgery procedure. Once rhinoplasty has been performed and does not meet the patient’s expectations either structurally or aesthetically, a revised rhinoplasty called “secondary rhinoplasty” is often sought. I am a specialist in secondary rhinoplasty and empathize with the anxiety and frustration these patients feel. The degree of difficulty accelerates with a revision, but patients referred to me by other doctors have been happy with the improvements they experienced at my practice. This underscores the importance of choosing a surgeon carefully the first time.

Injectable rhinoplasty provides an interesting option in certain circumstances. I perform non surgical, injectable rhinoplasty to enhance nasal and facial aesthetics as a temporizing measure that will last roughly two years. Non surgical “nose jobs” are also a great option for patients who have had previous surgery to see what changes can be achieved. In some cases minor injectable revisions may be enough to achieve a patient’s desire non-operatively. However, no functional improvements will be realized with injectable rhinoplasty—it is strictly cosmetic.

Adjunct procedures such as chin implants might be recommended as part of your rhinoplasty.
As a chin implant can make the nose look less projecting similarly restoration of normal forehead volume and contour can influence the size of the nose as well as the apparent length of the nose. From the front view volume restoration between the eyebrows can influence nose length, and the cheek fat can influence width, specifically as it relates to the tip of the nose.

Anticipating patient needs is critical with rhinoplasty. Your comfort is as important to us as your result and we make your experience as positive as possible. There are many pre-operative, intra-operative and post operative steps my practice routinely uses to optimize healing and reduce the longevity of tip swelling.

Rhinoplasty Testimonials

Dr. Kornstein’s skill as a plastic surgeon is unsurpassed.” I’ve never received such great care from a surgeon before. I am 54 years old and have had many surgeries. The pre and post op care was exceptional and the pain management was the best I have ever experienced. Furthermore, Dr. Kornstein’s skill as a plastic surgeon is unsurpassed. My new nose is so gorgeous I cannot stop looking in the mirror. Dr. Kornstein took his time during my procedure to create my perfect nose. His bedside manner is exceptional as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kornstein to anyone at all.


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The only doctor I trust wholeheartedly. He will never allow anyone to walk away looking “done”.

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Dr. Andrew N. Kornstein

Dr. Andrew Kornstein MD FACS, has been a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon for over 25 years and is widely recognized as a top authority in his field.

He specializes in the latest techniques for skin tightening, breast and body techniques, as well as facial fat grafting. His reputation is based on his personalized and detailed approach to every patient treated.

Dr. Kornstein’s goal is for each patient to achieve his or her goal to feel young and youthful with a visionary approach. His attention to detail and superior training sets him apart from others, allowing him to achieve long-lasting natural results for years to come.

Dr. Kornstein is licensed in Connecticut, New York, Florida, and California and has offices in Greenwich and Wilton, CT.

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