Hairline/ Forehead Reduction

The reduction of an overly high forehead is one of the most effective facial aesthetic procedures. Hairline lowering aka forehead reduction harmonizes and enhances all of one’s facial features. A great outcome relies on the skill and artistry of Dr. Kornstein’s years of experience, resulting in a beautifully natural hairline that helps optimize your facial aesthetic.

The procedure is for any man or woman who wants to change their hairline position. Dr. Kornstein performs the alteration meticulously, lowering the contours of one’s natural hairline to a lower position with a thin virtually invisible frontal hairline scar. The frontal scar is typically invisible within weeks of surgery. Eventually, hair follicles grow through the scar camouflaging it.

Personal experience has shown that future hair loss is reduced with hairline lowering aka forehead reduction surgery. In contrast, hair grafting requires frequent revisions with donor follicles from the back of the scalp, which ultimately may not be able to achieve the same degree of hairline fullness – not to mention a higher cost per procedure

“You get an immediate result for new hairline which only

improves over time.”


Hairline/Lowering Benefits

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Hairline Lowering Benefits

• Your new hairline will improve your facial proportions.
• By placing a well-concealed incision you get minimal scarring, giving a speedy recovery and timely healing.
• Your hairline will look natural giving you a boost of confidence.

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