Traditionally low flat eyebrows are lifted and shaped surgically; sad, angry, or asymmetric eyebrows often require frequent neurotoxin (e.g. Botox). Toxins must be repeated on a regular basis, roughly every 3-4 months. Profound RF® is a great non-surgical alternative.

In-office Profound RF® enables Dr. Kornstein to tighten the muscles of the forehead and weaken “botox®” muscles under local anesthesia thereby elevating and reshaping the brow as well as optimizing symmetry more permanently.

The in-office procedure is done without surgery and costs only $2500.

“Designed to tighten deep ligament support of the skin, providing long-lasting skin shrinkage.”

Office Brow Lift Benefits

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Dr. Andrew N. Kornstein

Dr. Andrew Kornstein MD FACS, has been a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon for over 25 years and is widely recognized as a top authority in his field.

He specializes in the latest techniques for skin tightening, breast and body techniques, as well as facial fat grafting. His reputation is based on his personalized and detailed approach to every patient treated.

Dr. Kornstein’s goal is for each patient to achieve his or her goal to feel young and youthful with a visionary approach. His attention to detail and superior training sets him apart from others, allowing him to achieve long-lasting natural results for years to come.

Dr. Kornstein is licensed in Connecticut, New York, Florida, and California and has offices in Greenwich and Wilton, CT.

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